Women’s Services

Women’s Services is located on the 1st floor of Coosa Valley Medical Center including the 11 bed Labor and Delivery/Postpartum unit and the Nursery. Women’s Services is designed to help expectant mothers and their loved ones enjoy the birthing experience together. We have a “rooming in” option for new mothers that choose to keep their baby with them in the room throughout the hospital stay.

Women’s Services offer Childbirth Education classes that are taught by Registered Nurses. For more information about our complimentary childbirth classes, or to register, call (256) 401-4113. Please sign up for classes when you are 20 weeks pregnant.

Women’s Services also has a Lactation Specialist available for new mothers needing assistance with breastfeeding during their hospital stay and after being discharged home. Please call (256) 401-4120 for questions or to schedule an appointment with the Lactation Specialist.

A WebNursery is also provided. If you choose, your baby’s hospital picture can be added to the WebNursery so family and friends can see the newest addition to your family. Please click here for access to the WebNursery.