The Hiring Process

At Coosa Valley Medical Center, we want to do more than simply fill our open positions. We want to hire candidates who will truly thrive here — individuals who will embrace our mission and core values as enthusiastically as they strive to achieve their career goals. Our hiring process is structured to ensure that our new team members are stepping into roles where they can excel…where they can grow both personally and professionally…and where they can have a positive, lasting impact on their colleagues and the communities we serve. Here’s an overview of the steps involved from the point an application is submitted to when an individual is hired:

  1. Candidates apply for a position on the web site.
  2. Our recruiter will review applicants for qualifications and other relevant information related to the job. Candidates who are a “best fit” for the position are submitted to the hiring manager for review.
  3. The hiring manager reviews candidates and decides whom to screen by phone or bring on-site for an interview.
  4. The hiring manager begins interviewing candidates, a process which may take several weeks.
  5. A candidate is selected for the role; the recruiter contacts the candidate to extend an offer and share the position’s salary. (This is a conditional offer pending a background check, references and pre-employment drug screening.)
  6. When an offer is accepted, a background check, references and pre-employment drug screen are conducted.
  7. Once hired, the first day of employment will be at next agreed upon New Hire Orientation.


Please keep in mind

While the above list provides a general overview of the hiring process, the steps may vary from position to position based on each role’s responsibilities and qualifications. Please remember the following when applying for a job:

  • The hiring process could take weeks up to a few months and may take longer for hard-to-fill positions.
  • You may not receive a reply to your application.
  • Interviews may be conducted one-on-one, in panel format or both.
  • In addition to a background check, candidates who receive an offer will be subject to drug/alcohol testing.
  • Any falsification, misleading or omitted materials on the application form may result in the job offer being withdrawn or if employed, may be subject to termination.