2019 Employee Recognition Ceremony

CVMC is proud to announce the 2019 Service Award Winners from the Employee Recognition Ceremony held on Thursday, May 2nd. Congratulations to all!

50 Years: Katie Powell

40 Years: Bessie Oden
35 Years: Tina Brooks and David Sellers
30 Years: Mary Clough
25 Years: Janean Crawford, Robin Player and Sharon Wilson
20 Years: Risa Pope and Casey Sanders
15 Years: Kandi Cunningham, Candice Dunkin and Paula Pitts
10 Years: Chrissy Harris, Nancy Meadors, Schell Oden, Jerry Smitherman, Lashicka Towsend
5 Years: Krystal Bailey, Jonathan Bloom, Yvette Funderburg, Rachel Greene, Karen Hamrick, Emily Henson, Bettye Masters, Matthew McClain, Christal McClellan, Laura McKee, Martha Meadows, Denene Nelson, Holley Ott-Brown, Lisa Phenis, Jessica Pinson, Tommy Ponder, Charlotte Pope, Gwen Ridley, Diane Watson

Perfect Attendance: Dina Allen, Tracy Allen, Kevin Bearden, Elizabeth Bolan, Alex Brooks, Freddie Brooks, Tina Brooks, Rhonda Caine, Crysta Catchings, Delores Catchings, Joanne Cleveland, Melissa Cooper, Janean Crawford, Kelli Crowe, Cheryl Dickenson, Caryn Donahoo, Shelby Duffee, Robin Embry, Joe Frank, Nessa Fulks, Angela Garner, Blaine Green, Rachel Greene, Mickey Harris, Chyanne Harrison, Mia Hawkins, Marie Isbell, Tollie Isome, Rose Jefferson, Lemadra Jemison, Nelda Lindsey, Brandon Martin, Wendy Martin, Michelle McCain, Rashema Morris, Sallie Morrison, Meg Motes, Sandy Murchison, Wendy Nix, Jennifer Ogle, Anita Patton, Paula Pitts, Robin Player, Tanya Reese, Corey Reynolds, Lisa Rice, Casey Sanders, Rhonda Schabel, Carol Beth Smallwood, Jessica Smith, Jodi Smith, Shelly Smith, Chanelle Swain, Lilly Taylor, Robert Taylor, Russell Thomas, Tracy Tuck, Dwight Whetstone, Christy White, Crystal Walker


Employee of the Year: Ella Looney

Excellence in Ancillary Services: Lilly Taylor & Randi Street


Excellence in Support Services: Dina Allen


Excellence in Nursing Services: Cindy Wilson

Excellence in Guest Excellence: Teresa Klavenga

Excellence in Leadership: Carolyn Greger

Excellence in Teamwork: Med/Surg Nursing Unit